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Free Shipping for Orders over $150*

About Us

Our formulations are created with meticulous attention to detail and sensory pleasure in mind. Our products are developed in collaboration with board-certified dermatologists and industry-leading tattoo artists.

TAC Sciences (also referred to as “TAC”) is where the tattoo products industry meets dermatological formulation standards. “TAC” is a synonym for tattooing and the combination of prominent tattoo artists with the help of dermatologists brought to form the dermatological tattoo product line of “TAC Sciences.”

Our premier flagship product is the TAC Sciences Tattoo Anesthetic Cream. Formulated to target and neutralize tattoo pain at the source and developed in collaboration by board certified dermatologists and industry-leading tattoo artists, TAC Tattoo Anesthetic Cream delivers fast and effective pain relief. 



"TAC is genuinely the best pain-relieving product I’ve ever encountered. Get it. Try it. See for yourself why this cream is going to change the tattoo experience. - @chueyquintanar